QB1s to avoid

QBs I’m Not Drafting in 2016

I already gave you a list of five quarterbacks I am drafting everywhere this fantasy football season. ... So consider this article a mirror image.

2QB ADP QB Targets

Round-by-Round ADP QB Targets

When asked which QBs to target in a LRQB strategy in 2QB drafts my automatic response is anyone in the QB14-QB25 tier of our ADP*.

2QB Things We Learned

2QB Things We Learned: 2016 Preseason Week 2

Week 2 of the 2016 NFL preseason has wrapped up and 2QB drafts are underway. This is the best time of the fantasy football season.

2016 2QB Draft Guide

2016 2QB Draft Guide Kit

2016 2QB Draft Guide Kit: A round-up of the most relevant articles produced by this offseason that will help you dominate your 2QB draft.

Jordy Nelson Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers to Jordy Nelson: Welcome Back, Old Friend

Editor’s Note:  This guest post was written by TJ Calkins. Follow him on Twitter @tjcalkins. He was #2 in MFL best ball ROI in 2015.

Eli Manning 2QB Big Board Rankings

2QB Quarterback Big Board: Pre-Season Edition

Joe Siniscalchi updates his 2016 QB Big Board tiered rankings now that the preseason has started and we're in the heart of 2QB drafting season.

Tony Romo Matthew Stafford 2QB Draft Strategy

A TwoQBs Roundtable on 2QB Draft Strategy

Draft day is near. Pretty soon all the research you have done to draft the most dominant 2QB squad will be put to the test.

2QB Draft Strategy 2016 Alex Smith Joe Flacco LRQB 2QB Zero-QB draft strategy

Utilizing a Zero-QB Draft Strategy in 2016 2QB Leagues

Salvatore Stefanile takes a look at the Zero-QB/LRQB draft strategy in 2QB leagues for 2016 to determine if waiting on quarterbacks is a winning move.

2QB Draft Strategy 2016 Aaron Rodgers Ben Roethlisberger 2QB QB1 QB-QB Draft Strategy

Going Old School QB-QB in 2016 2QB Leagues

Salvatore Stefanile takes a look at the old school 2QB draft strategy of going QB-QB to start and whether or not it works in 2016.

2QB Draft Strategy 2016 Matthew Stafford Tony Romo 2QB QB2 Studs and Streaming 2QB Draft Strategy

Studs & Streaming in 2016 2QB Leagues

Salvatore Stefanile provides a refresher on the Studs and Streaming approach to drafting in 2QB leagues for 2016 and highlights his dream QB2 streaming duo.


Matthew Stafford Aaron Donald 2QB/IDP

A 2QB/IDP Dynasty Startup Recap

Eli Manning Aaron Rodgers 2QB

2QB Dynasty Dominoes

2QB Dynasty Quarterbacks

I Overvalue Elite Quarterbacks in 2QB Dynasty Leagues and You Should Too

2QB Dynasty Rankings

Top-200 2QB Dynasty Ranks (August 2016 Update)