2016 In-Season

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Week 14 Advanced Quarterback Matchups

TwoQBers every week are stuck with very tough start/sit decisions at the quarterback position. This article intends to help you make those weekly decisions easier.

Scatterbrained: Week 14 Tips & Trends

Scattered Thinking About Week 13 Retcon the Narratives Starting this week, I am adjusting DAAM SRS to account for only the last six games of play. Why am I

Noise and Signal Callers

Noise and Signal Callers: Week 14

“Noise and Signal Callers” is a statistical smorgasbord for the upcoming NFL week. Some of the stats are (hopefully) predictive, while others are just interesting. I

two qbs for me and you week 13 2016

Two QBs For Me and You: 2016 Week 13

Welcome to “Two QBs For Me and You,” a feature where I focus on and breakdown two notable quarterback performances from the week before. …

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Week 14 Rankings and Game Flowbotics

We’re going a melancholy and a little meta today, quick intro incoming. Go long (real long) -- with your scroll wheel to hit the Week

week 14 pave update 2016

Loser Brackets and Week 14 PAVE Update

The possibility of making the playoffs is what keeps most fantasy football players interested all season. Throughout the regular season, we are constantly re-evaluating what