This illustrious Salvatore Stefanile has created the following guides and descriptions of the three elemental 2QB draft strategies.

Early-Round QB

If you want to target the elite arms early and save running backs and wide receivers for later in the draft, this is the approach for you.

Studs & Streaming

You want at least one reliable quarterback, but you’re willing to rely on late-round passers and streaming free agents for your QB2 spot.  Some call it “Stars & Scrubs,” but we call it “Studs & Streaming.”

Late-Round QB

That #LRQB life isn’t just for one-quarterback leagues.  Let your opponents worry about passers early while you load up on elite receivers and backs, then fill out your roster with undervalued QBs from the middle and late rounds.

2QB Draft Strategies

While we believe those are the primary draft strategies for 2QB leagues, the ways they can play out are incredible. We love talking 2QB strategy, so if you’d like to banter about these or other draft strategies, give us a shout on Twitter, or shoot us an email. We are always excited to talk!