Author: Salvatore Stefanile

The TwoQBs Bad Quarterbacks League

Introducing the Bad Quarterbacks League — where the goal is to draft the worst-scoring fantasy quarterbacks. Madness.

The Best QB Picks of 2018 — So Far

The best QB picks of 2018 so far, based on current 2QB redraft ADP data.

2018 Superflex Rookie ADP (Post 2018 NFL Draft)

A list of 2018 Superflex Rookie ADP to help dynasty fantasy footballers navigate their 2018 Superflex rookie drafts.

A TwoQBs Roundtable on Fantasy Sidekicks

It’s Superheros Week at TwoQBs, and we have gathered the TwoQBs beehive for a roundtable on fantasy sidekicks to discuss who is the Alfred J. Pennyworth to a team’s QB.

Dynamic Dynasty Duos

As part of Superheros Week at TwoQBs, Salvatore Stefanile goes over dynasty QB duos to target in drafts based on the three 2QB draft strategies of Early-Round QBs, Studs and Streaming, and Late-Round QBs.

Predicting 2018 2QB ADP

Salvatore Stefanile takes an early stab at predicting which quarterbacks will make up the QB1 tier of 2QB ADP for the 2018 fantasy football season.

Dear Alex…

It’s the end of an era. The Patron Saint of TwoQBs — Alex Smith — and perennial favourite signal-caller of Salvatore Stefanile is no longer a Kansas City Chief. Sal says his goodbyes and remembers fondly the good ole’ days.

32 for 32: A Production presents 32 for 32 — a fantasy-centric QB profile series of every starting NFL quarterback for 2QB and Superflex purposes.

The Fantasy Football Week That Was in Gifs

Salvatore Stefanile recaps Week 6 of the fantasy football season in gifs.

TwoQBs Presents: 2017 Bold Predictions

The staff gathers at the roundtable to provide bold predictions for the 2017 fantasy football season.

Phillip Walker Who?

Salvatore Stefanile profiles third-string quarterback Phillip Walker and discusses what little, if any, fantasy value he may have in 2QB leagues. Phillip Walker Who?

SFB7 Mock Drafts ADP

SFB7 Mock Drafts ADP

The 2017 Scott Fish Bowl aka SFB7 is here and we have some SFB7 mock draft ADP data you can analyze to help prep you for the biggest and best Superflex tournament around.