2QB Mindset

‘Sauce vs. Sal: Early 2018 Thoughts on the State of 2QB Fantasy

Greg Smith and Salvatore Stefanile trade banter on the state of 2QB fantasy football in early 2018. They discuss various young quarterbacks of the future and the old guard of the position.

How to Start a 2QB League

Greg Smith offers advice on how to start a 2QB fantasy football league.

How to Win Your First 2QB League

2QB expert Joshua Lakes provides newcomers to the format with tips on how to win their first 2QB league.

Is QB Handcuffing a Viable Strategy in 2QB Leagues?

Salvatore Stefanile delves into the strategy of quarterback handcuffing in 2QB leagues.

The Evolution of 2QB ADP and Drafting Quarterbacks in 2QB Leagues

A look at 2QB ADP trends over the past four years and how draft strategy in 2QB/Superflex leagues has evolved to take on more of a later round quarterback mentality.

Breaking the Game - X’s & O’s

Breaking the Game: Part 1. Greg Smith compares and contrasts fantasy football strategy to that of other games.

Donate to the 2QB Cause

TwoQBs.com would be nowhere without the support of the 2QB and Superflex community. The three co-founders, Greg Smith, Joshua Lake, and Salvatore Stefanile, initially envisioned building a niche website to serve the die hard multi-quarterback community. But in a short period of time, the site […]

Trust Me

Joshua Lakes wants you to trust him when he says you need to determine what type of fantasy player you want to be.

How to Create a 2QB Big Board

Joe Siniscalchi on how to create a 2QB Big Board.