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TwoQBs has become the quote unquote source for bad quarterbacks. You name the third- or fourth-string quarterback and there’s a good chance someone around here — namely me — has written a profile on them. Jeff Driskel? Check. Taylor Heinicke. Check. Heck, we even have a backup quarterback rankings index. I was recently listening to the Against All Odds podcast hosted by Cousin Sal on The Ringer in which Matthew Berry was a guest. They were discussing a league they played in years ago that was dubbed the Bad Quarterback League. It started on Grantland, which was one of the greatest websites of all time, but I had completely forgotten about the Bad Quarterback League until Matthew Berry and Cousin Sal reminisced about it. Grantland + The Ringer + Bad Quarterback Fantasy League = Paradise. After reading up on the league and its initial setup, I decided I wanted to recreate the Grantland Bad Quarterback League as best I could. I know we all love My Fantasy League because of how we can customize the settings to suit any fantasy league, no matter how crazy the idea, like this one, but they don’t have a custom scoring setting that awards points for arrests, apology press conferences, or in-game benchings (I wish this scoring setting was available). At least I don’t think so.

The purpose of this league is to draft quarterbacks you believe will score positive points in traditional negative categories. For example, instead of an interception being worth negative six points, it’s worth positive six points. Throw an interception returned for a touchdown and it’s worth 10 points. Madness! The goal is to draft quarterbacks you think will perform poorly during the regular season. What’s up is down, what’s down is up. In the words of JJ Zachariason, when I pitched him on playing, he said “such a mind fuck, Sal.” It was at that point I knew this league had to exist. Having never created a league like this, I emailed the My Fantasy League customer support ticket desk to ensure the settings would work. This was their response:

We’ve never had a request for this type of scoring (worst possible points), so you’ll be breaking new ground in that regard, so if you’re looking for guidance, I’m afraid I don’t have much experience with this type of scoring concept!

Yup, this is my kinda league! Here’s a direct link to the league and the draft results in grid format. You can follow along on Twitter with the hashtag #BadQBsLeague — if any of the participants are brave enough to tweet about their picks.


Matt Harmon — Yahoo! Fantasy Sports

JJ Zachariason — FanDuel/numberFire

Denny Carter — Draft Day Consultants

Danny Kelly — The Ringer

Jim Sannes — numberFire

Josh Smith — TwoQBs

Greg Smith — TwoQBs

Salvatore Stefanile — TwoQBs

Roster Settings

Start four quarterbacks. Plus four bench spots — all quarterbacks.

Scoring Settings

Thanks to the astuteness of Greg Smith, who wondered why DeShone Kizer and his 22 interceptions from a year ago wasn’t on the list of top scorers, we found out that the Konami Code was still a cheat code even in a bad quarterbacks league. Seriously. We had to take rushing stats out to ensure the cream of the (bad quarterbacking) crop rose to the top of the leaderboard.

Top Performers

Below is a list of the top-40 performers from a season ago using the scoring settings. There was actually 48 quarterbacks in total who scored “positive” points in this format, but I thought I’d save you from seeing Cooper Rush’s name.

And just to show you how trippy this looks, here are the top “negative” scorers:

I’m happy to see that even in a bad quarterbacks league, Alex Smith was the second-“worst” performer.

Draft Strategy

Is there such a thing as draft strategy in a bad quarterbacks league? I, mean, technically there is. Draft quarterbacks who throw a lot of interceptions, have a low completion rate, and take a ton of sacks. You want to also avoid passers who throw a lot of touchdowns and who generally keep the ball safe. In terms of players to target, that’s what will make this draft interesting. Do you go for obvious starting quarterbacks who you think will perform negatively on the field but score positive fantasy points in this format? Maybe someone like Eli Manning — has thrown at least 13 interceptions in nine straight seasons. What about backup quarterbacks who are backups for a reason but might see the field? Perhaps Matt Barkley? He’s only attempted 266 passes during his five-year career, but he has a career interception rate of 6.8 percent. It will be fascinating to see if drafters go for just starters, or if they will sprinkle in backup and third-stringers. What about stacking a starting quarterback with his backup? With 64 quarterbacks to be drafted, we’re about to find out what the participants in this draft think about the quarterback landscape. I will say one thing, whoever drafts Alex Smith better be ready to get these hands on them.

What’s The Point of This Stupid League?

To have fun. And maybe one day tell my grandchildren I got to draft Davis Webb in the first round of a fantasy league. (Keep that last part to yourself, I don’t want any of my league mates to know my strategy.)

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