How to Win Your First 2QB League

If you’re dipping your toes into the 2QB/Superflex waters, congratulations. Your fantasy football experience is about to become deeper and more rewarding.
– Pat Thorman (@Pat_Thorman) …

Welcome to the sickness! We here at TwoQBs are convinced that 2QB and Superflex leagues are more fun than the typical league, and we believe that once you join one you’ll be hooked. But we bet you’ll like your experience even more if you win.

This article is meant to help you on the path to winning. It is designed as a quick how-to guide, 2QB for Dummies, if you will. If you are brand new to 2QB leagues, we have five tips for how you can plan for your draft and expect to melt the competition. Let’s dive in.

Start Learning About Bad QBs

Upon joining a 2QB league, you will be immediately struck by the quarterback position. Suddenly, your draft includes players who weren’t ever rostered in your work league. In deep 2QB leagues, teams may be drafting backup quarterbacks whose names you don’t even know.

Before diving into that experience, your first step should be familiarizing yourself with the deeper end of the quarterback pool. Most podcasts, articles, and rankings only go 15 or 20 deep at the QB position, because that’s about all that will be rostered in most leagues. Not so in 2QB leagues. You need to know the top 30 to 40, depending on the size of your league.

[T]he biggest piece of advice I can give fantasy footballers transitioning to a 2QB league is to not be afraid of the “garbage” quarterbacks.
– Sal Stefanile

For my money, our own Sal Stefanile is the king of these “bad” quarterbacks. He has written about them for years, finding value and highlighting player strengths for us 2QB enthusiasts. Here at TwoQBs, he has written about many of this year’s deep targets including: Jimmy GaroppoloBrock Osweiler, and Alex Smith. I would recommend reading those, as well as all the rest of our QB profiles so that you begin to feel at home with the lesser-known QBs around the league.

I would also commend to you our QB Depth Chart page, where we keep you updated on depth charts across the NFL. That is an easy way to make sure you know not only the starting NFL QBs, but also their backup and heir apparent.

Read What the Pros Suggest for Your First 2QB League

Next, take time to read good advice articles. Listen to what the pros have to say, and absorb their ideas. For my money, this means thinking about the big picture, particularly as it changes when you move to your first 2QB league. Elsewhere on this site, we have an article compiling 2QB advice from a dozen writers in the fantasy football industry. Each brings unique insight into what you need to know to succeed immediately.

You can also find hundreds and thousands of fantasy owners on Twitter, talking 2QB strategy at all hours of the day and night. We are big proponents of the fantasy football community on Twitter, and we always love jumping into 2QB/Superflex conversations. Give us a shout at @TwoQBs.

Understand How Much QB Value Changes

Highlighting one of those suggestions, J.J. Zachariason wrote, “Don’t automatically assume quarterback becomes twice as important.”

That piece of advice from J.J. is worth the cost of admission. As the graph below shows, the price of quarterbacks nearly doubles in terms of ADP, but do not assume that means their value doubles.

The graphic really tells the full story, but the TL;DR is WTF?! QBs fly off draft boards in 2QB leagues, which means the idea of “early” QB and “late-round QB” take on entirely new meanings in this format.

You absolutely can wait on quarterback-and many of us here at TwoQBs would recommend it—but waiting looks a lot different. Our early ADP shows the top-12 QBs are gone by pick 60, which means you’re out of QB1 picks after 5 rounds—6 if you’re in a 10-team league.

Learning to time those changed draft prices takes practice, but with practice you can learn to adopt the new costs. Importantly, increased QB prices mean decreased RB and WR prices. For every quarterback that climbs draft boards in a 2QB league, a skill position player falls. The most successful 2QB players are those who know the best place in a 2QB draft to find value at each position.

Although you start an additional quarterback, you still need to start multiple running backs and wide receivers. If your league requires you to start two RBs and two QBs, I would argue it is often easier to draft a reliable quarterback late than it is to find a reliable running back. Do not panic when quarterbacks fly off the draft board; know in advance when and where you want to draft yours, and don’t be swayed by the panic of your leaguemates.

You will benefit from studying our 2QB Redraft ADP, which shows where players typically draft quarterbacks in these leagues.

Decide on a Strategy that Leverages Your Strengths

As you come over from traditional 1QB leagues, you likely know far more about deep skill position players than you do bad quarterbacks, and I encourage you to use that to your advantage. Play to your strengths.

If you join your first 2QB league feeling uneasy about the bad quarterbacks you may have to start, draft QB earlier than you might otherwise. If you feel confident you can pick up sleeper WRs in the late rounds, trust yourself and treat yourself to an early QB or two.

But most importantly, make that decision before you go into your first 2QB draft. Do not let the other drafters change your strategy too dramatically, and stick to your guns. Know your strengths, and draft to them.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Lastly, as with anything in life, practice is essential to 2QB success. The more you play, the more at ease you’ll feel watching QBs fly off draft boards. While we encourage everyone to join plenty of real 2QB leagues, there is also a lot of value in mock drafting. To that end, we host 2QB mock drafts throughout the offseason.

We have already begun 11 mock drafts, with many more to come all summer. We hope to provide 2QB enthusiasts plenty of opportunity to practice their craft and get comfortable with the pace of a 2QB draft.

The mock drafts use 8-hour pick timers, designed to allow flexibility for real life schedules. Each mock has 15 rounds and 10 teams, with starting lineups of 2QB/2RB/3WR/1TE.

If you are interested in joining one (or more) mock drafts, shoot us a message on Twitter (@TwoQBs) or email us.

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Josh has spent more than a decade in 2QB leagues, focusing on the bottom of the barrel when it comes to fantasy quarterbacks. His research focuses on quarterbacks, and he tries not to pretend he knows anything about the other positions. You can find him on Twitter at @LakeTwoQBs.

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  • Dude…no idea where you are gettin ADP from but there is no way you are getting qb 12 at pick 60. In our TEN team 2 qb league 12 qbs were gone by pick 25 last year and people start drafting their 3rd qb as early as pick 60. I waited until pick 80 for my 2nd and got Ryan Fitzpatrick. If someone followed your ADP their starters would be Goff and Weeden…season over.

    Your ADP HAS to be coming from people who have bever played in a 2 qb league.

    • Hi Vincent,

      Thank you for reading the article and leaving a comment. Appreciate you taking the time to do both. The question/concern you bring up is a valid one and is a topic that will never have 100 percent agreement on because of how different everyone’s style of fantasy play is/how they value the position. If you check out the comments section of this post — — you will find a conversation regarding this exact topic. My feelings/thoughts haven’t changed, and while I wouldn’t disagree with your point of view, there are many different types of 2QB leagues and 2QB players. Please read the conversation in the comments section to get a greater idea of where I’m coming from. Thank you.

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