2017 2QB/Superflex Rookie Draft ADP

It’s 2QB/Superflex rookie draft season and 2QB friend Joshua Lake tried his best to procure some 2017 2QB/Superflex rookie draft ADP data for us.

Luckily for the 2QB dynasty community, Josh was able to find fellow 2QBers willing to share their rookie drafts. Below is 2017 2QB/Superflex rookie draft ADP based on 15 completed real drafts:

2017 2QB/Superflex Rookie Draft ADP

RankPlayerPositionTeamADPStandard Deviation
1Fournette, LeonardRBJAC1.80.8
2Davis, CoreyWRTEN1.80.9
3McCaffrey, ChristianRBCAR2.90.8
4Mixon, JoeRBCIN4.51.4
5Cook, DalvinRBMIN5.61.7
6Williams, MikeWRLAC6.61.7
7Watson, DeshaunQBHOU7.83.1
8Howard, O.J.TETBB8.53.7
9Ross, JohnWRCIN11.42.4
10Mahomes, PatrickQBKCC12.14.8
11Perine, SamajeRBWAS12.73.6
12Kamara, AlvinRBNOS12.94.2
13Njoku, DavidTECLE14.35.1
14Engram, EvanTENYG14.64.2
15Smith-Schuster, JuJuWRPIT15.64.3
16Trubisky, MitchellQBCHI15.74.6
17Hunt, KareemRBKCC15.93.7
18Foreman, D'OntaRBHOU184
19Kizer, DeShoneQBCLE18.95
20Jones, ZayWRBUF20.84.4
21Samuel, CurtisWRCAR22.34.2
22Williams, JamaalRBGBP22.66.2
23Mack, MarlonRBIND25.74.3
24Godwin, ChrisWRTBB27.95.1
25Conner, JamesRBPIT30.35.8
26Kupp, CooperWRLAR31.15.3
27Williams, JoeRBSFO31.212.2
28McNichols, JeremyRBTBB32.210
29Gallman, WayneRBNYG32.95.9
30Henderson, CarlosWRDEN33.59.8
31Butt, JakeTEDEN33.69.6
32Lynch, MarshawnRBOAK33.719.9
33Shaheen, AdamTECHI37.210.6
34Taylor, TaywanWRTEN37.29.8
35Reynolds, JoshWRLAR38.38.6
36Everett, GeraldTELAR38.59.6
37Stewart, ArDariusWRNYJ39.19.5
38Webb, DavisQBNYG40.19.6
39Jones, AaronRBGBP41.97.9
40Dupre, MalachiWRGBP42.310.6
41Westbrook, DedeWRJAC43.59.4
42Pumphrey, DonnelRBPHI44.69.7
43Dobbs, JoshuaQBPIT45.18.6
44Kelly, ChadQBDEN45.68.2
45Beathard, C.J.QBSFO45.610.7
46Golladay, KennyWRDET479.3
47Zamora, IshmaelWROAK47.48.9
48Hodges, BuckyTEMIN47.89.2
49Hood, ElijahRBOAK48.39.8
50Smith, JonnuTETEN49.18
51Peterman, NathanQBBUF49.15.8
52McGuire, ElijahRBNYJ49.89.1
53Cannon, KDWRNYJ50.38.1
54Leggett, JordanTENYJ50.48.2
55Williams, ChadWRARI50.77.7
56Darboh, AmaraWRSEA51.58.4
57Cohen, TarikRBCHI51.98
58Glennon, MikeQBCHI52.113.9
59Gillislee, MikeRBNEP52.313.6
60Switzer, RyanWRDAL52.410.1
61Hill, BrianRBATL52.77.4
62Hansen, ChadWRNYJ52.87.3
63Ford, IsaiahWRMIA53.46.3
64Davis, RobertWRWAS53.96.5
65Texans, HoustonDefHOU54.112.2
66Bradford, SamQBMIN54.211.8
67Logan, T.J.RBARI54.411.8
68Kaaya, BradQBDET54.56.3
69Abdullah, AmeerRBDET54.610.6
70Malone, JoshWRCIN54.66.2
71Kittle, GeorgeTESFO54.68.1
72Benjamin, TravisWRLAC54.810.2
73Hogan, ChrisWRNEP54.910
74Ross, FredWRCAR54.99.9
75Roberts, MichaelTEDET557.4
76West, TerranceRBBAL55.19.5
77Carson, ChrisRBSEA55.48.8
78Chesson, JehuWRKCC55.46.4
79Hollins, MackWRPHI55.67.4
80Kearse, JermaineWRSEA55.68.2
81Hoyer, BrianQBSFO55.68.2
82Gabriel, TaylorWRATL55.68.7
83Rodgers, JacquizzRBTBB55.69.2
84Burkhead, RexRBNEP55.78.2
85Sprinkle, JeremyTEWAS55.77.3
86Higbee, TylerTELAR55.78.4
87Langford, JeremyRBCHI55.78.1
88McKenzie, IsaiahWRDEN55.97.4
89Swoope, ErikTEIND55.98
90Mays, DevanteRBGBP567.6
91Williams, JonathanRBBUF567.6
92Bridgewater, TeddyQBMIN568.3
93Williams, KerwynnRBARI56.17.5
94Clement, CoreyRBPHI56.17.5
95Rogers, EliWRPIT56.17
96Watson, BenTEBAL56.17.4
97Cutler, JayQBFA56.17.4
98Daniel, ChaseQBNOS56.37.2
99Aguayo, RobertoPKTBB56.37.3
100Seferian-Jenkins, AustinTENYJ56.37.3
101Zenner, ZachRBDET56.47.1
102Allen, BrandonQBJAC56.48.1
103Inman, DontrelleWRLAC56.57.1
104Ginn Jr., TedWRNOS56.57.2
105Brown, NoahWRDAL56.67.2
106Savage, TomQBHOU56.66.9
107Allen, DwayneTENEP56.67.6
108McKinnon, JerickRBMIN56.77
109Dural, TravinWRNOS56.77.2
110Taylor, TrentWRSFO56.86.6
111Yancey, DeAngeloWRGBP56.86.9
112Hackenberg, ChristianQBNYJ56.86.9
113Lewis, DionRBNEP56.87
114Henderson, De'AngeloRBDEN56.96.8
115Aiken, KamarWRIND56.97
116McCown, JoshQBNYJ56.97
117Dayes, MatthewRBCLE577
118Kaepernick, ColinQBFA577
119Gresham, JermaineTEARI577
120Radcliff, BrandonRBIND57.17
121Jones, LandryQBPIT57.17
122Hundley, BrettQBGBP57.17

*ADP data updated on May 11, 2017.

A few 2QB/Superflex 2017 Rookie ADP Takeaways

*It looks like 2QB/Superflex dynasty drafters have a rookie big-three in running back Leonard Fournette, wide receiver Corey Davis, and running back Christian McCaffrey. You can add running back Joe Mixon to that mix to make it a big four. Each have an ADP of 4.5 or higher and will cost you a high pick. Who you draft if you’re on the clock at 1.01 will depend on your team needs and league settings. McCaffrey is a solid target if you’re in a PPR league and need a running back; Davis would be the selection if you’re thin at WR. Many in the fantasy industry believe Mixon came away with the best scenario and team fit, and if you’re in the same camp he will be your 1.01 pick.

*What if you need a quarterback? Deshaun Watson is the first signal caller to come off the board with an ADP of 7.8, with a high of second overall in one draft. Patrick Mahomes was the only other quarterback to be selected in the top-five of a draft and is the QB2 with an ADP of 12.1 overall. There are really only four quarterbacks to consider drafting with your first or second round pick this year: Watson, Mahomes, DeShone Kizer, and Mitchell Trubisky.

*If you’re not entirely sold on using an early pick at the quarterback position, Joshua Dobbs (QB6 - 43.6 ADP) and Chad Kelly (QB7 - 44.0 ADP) are two intriguing options. Steelers incumbent quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has missed two or more games in each of the past two seasons, and Dobbs would only have to beat out Landry Jones for QB2 duties. While Chad Kelly was the last pick of the 2017 NFL Draft, the Denver Broncos’ depth chart ahead of him consists of only Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch. Siemian, a fellow seventh-round pick, put up some usable fantasy weeks last season (three top-12 weekly fantasy QB finishes).

*One undrafted free agent quarterback to keep an eye on is Philip Walker. Prior to the draft, Derrik Klassen wrote him up as a potential late-round/undrafted free agent quarterback to monitor, and after reading his assessment I was intrigued. I hoped for him to land with the Arizona Cardinals, as he screamed “Bruce Arians QB”. However, signing with the Indianapolis Colts puts him in a solid position to climb their depth chart, with only Stephen Morris and Scott Tolzien ahead of him. Luck missed one game last year and played in only seven the season before. He underwent shoulder surgery this offseason and we’re not really 100 percent sure how his recovery is going. If Luck isn’t fully healed by the start of the season, and Walker impresses in training camp, he could be a surprise in-season spot starter. Don’t forget, 54 different quarterbacks started at least one game last season, and that included the likes of Matt Cassel, Nick Foles, and EJ Manuel.

For more 2QB/Superflex dynasty coverage from TwoQBs you can check out Anthony Amico’s top-200 overall 2QB dynasty rankings and his post-2017 NFL Draft rookie quarterback rankings.

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