Your 2016 Post-Draft Rookie QB Rankings

Hello there, my fellow 2QB fantasy friends. With another wild weekend of NFL drafting in the books, it is time to update you on my 2016 rookie quarterback ranks. … Because the position being so valuable in 2QB leagues, it is important to consider a quarterback at every stage of your rookie drafts. Players who are merely fliers in 1QB formats may be valuable players and/or trade chips for your team in the future.

For this edition of the rankings, I’ll include for you my pre-draft rank and any pertinent updated information. We’re mostly evaluating the landing spots here, given that my thoughts on the players themselves have been pretty well established.

Tier 1: Strong Landing Spot and Expected 2016 Playing Time

1. Jared Goff, Rams
Pre-Draft Rank: 2

Jared Goff wasn’t my favorite pre-draft prospect, but he comes in at the top now. His ability to be smart with the football and limit turnovers is perfect for Fisher-ball, and the Rams did a great job of surrounding him with weapons throughout the draft. Pharoh Cooper, Tyler Higbee, and Mike Thomas are all skill players I was high on, and the team still has Kenny Britt, Brian Quick, and Tavon Austin.

Goff should start from day one, has a strong run game behind him, and has a ton of weapons at his disposal. He should go off the board in the middle of the first round of your rookie drafts.

2. Paxton Lynch, Broncos
Pre-Draft Rank: 4

Paxton Lynch is a big riser for me, as he goes not only from four to two in my rankings, but also jumps a tier. The reason? Landing spot. Lynch probably ended up with the best landing spot of any rookie quarterback, as the Broncos have a lot to offer. Furthermore, the selection by John Elway, one of the best general managers in the sport, looks to me like a vote of confidence that Lynch can play up to his potential.

The Broncos have two elite wide receivers and an offensive system that can utilize all of Lynch’s tools. I love Mark Sanchez, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see Lynch out-play him in training camp, or for Sanchez to play himself out of the starting spot at some point during the season. My pre-draft portfolio price of Blake Bortles feels spot on.

Tier 2: Maybe Not Until 2017

3. Carson Wentz, Eagles
Pre-Draft Rank: 1

Carson Wentz was my favorite quarterback pre-draft, but part of that was that I expected him to go to Cleveland with the second pick. Instead, the Eagles gave up a massive amount to move all the way up to two and take him. I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but Cleveland is simply a better organization than the Eagles right now. Let’s recap the Eagles’ off-season:

  1. Fire Chip Kelly and his fast-paced, QB-friendly offense.
  2. Hire Doug Pederson and his slow-paced, run-heavy offense.
  3. Give Sam Bradford 18 million dollars guaranteed.
  4. Give Chase Daniel 12 million dollars guaranteed.
  5. Send five draft picks to the Browns to move up from eight to two and get Wentz.

This organization doesn’t appear to have any clue what they are doing right now, and that makes me very leery of taking Wentz in my rookie drafts. If he hadn’t gone so high, I would probably have him even lower in my ranks. There is a chance we don’t see him at all in his rookie season, especially if the Eagles (somehow) manage to be competitive.

4. Dak Prescott, Cowboys
Pre-Draft Rank: 3

I absolutely love this landing spot for Dak Prescott, as he ends up as the heir apparent to Tony Romo and should be his immediate backup in 2016. This is a team with the best offensive line in football, a star wide receiver in Dez Bryant, and a star in the making at running back in Ezekiel Elliott.

Prescott profiles as one of the top backups to own in 2QB leagues in the short-term, and I truly believe he could be a long-term startable signal-caller when Romo decides to hang it up. His ability to both run and throw accurately could make the Dallas offense incredibly formidable in a way we haven’t seen in quite some time.

5. Christian Hackenberg, Jets
Pre-Draft Rank: 6

Christian Hackenberg has a lot of flaws, but it is impossible not to be pleased with his landing spot with the Jets. Here is what my decision tree looks like for Chan Gailey quarterbacks:

Should I draft this Chan Gailey QB?
Is he better than or equal to Tyler Thigpen?
/      \
/            \
/                  \
/                       \
/                             \
If yes, draft            If no, do not draft

Hackenberg pretty easily falls on the left side of the tree, so I will be taking him in plenty of 2QB rookie drafts. I’m expecting the Jets to re-sign Ryan Fitzpatrick or roll with Geno Smith in 2016 given how raw Hackenberg is, but in 2017 he could be leading one of the better passing offenses in football.

Tier 3: I Smell Potential

6. Jeff Driskel, 49ers
Pre-Draft Rank: 8

The winner of the Chip Kelly lottery was Driskel, who boasts some strong rushing potential as well as an SEC pedigree. Take a look at how he compares to the other quarterbacks in San Fran using the RotoViz Box Score Scout App.

Colin Kaepernick is a better athlete than Driskel, but perhaps by less than you would think. He also has documented success in the NFL. However, it doesn’t seem as though Kaepernick is long for the 49ers, and he may be out of town within the next calendar year.

Is it crazy to think that Driskel is in the running to start for the 2017 49ers? I don’t think so. And in an offense that creates opportunities for mobile signal-callers, especially if they can be accurate and efficient like Driskel, he could be very useful for fantasy. He is my favorite 2QB “sleeper” right now for rookie drafts.

7. Cardale Jones, Bills
Pre-Draft Rank: 7

I think Jones stinks, but it is clear that Buffalo had an agenda to draft him, and they did just that. Why they aren’t satisfied with Tyrod Taylor is beyond me, but it is difficult not to value the opportunity Jones may have to start at some point should the Bills not be able to work out a new contract with Taylor. Starting in Buffalo also means throwing to Sammy Watkins. I can see investing in Jones late in your rookie drafts.

8. Trevone Boykin, Seahawks
Pre-Draft Rank: 12

Boykin was someone that I thought teams might shy away from due to his character concerns, but he was an efficient passer and potent runner at TCU. He obviously has no shot of starting over Russell Wilson, but this is the perfect place for him to mature and learn what it takes to win at the next level. He could be fantasy viable if he ever gets a shot with another team.

9. Vernon Adams, UDFA
Pre-Draft Rank: 5

The most disappointing story of draft weekend was Adams, who was not only not drafted, but also unsigned as a UDFA at the conclusion of the weekend. Current reports are that he will be trying out for the Seahawks at rookie mini-camp.

Should he make the team, we are just hoping that Adams plays well in preseason and then is allowed to go to another team with more opportunity. I still believe in the talent.

Tier 4: I Can’t Really Say I’m Interested

10. Nate Sudfeld, Redskins

Sudfeld has some raw tools, and the Redskins still do not have a long-term answer at quarterback. With Kirk Cousins playing 2016 on the franchise tag, it is not a done deal that he is back with the team for 2017. If he isn’t, there will be a gaping hole to fill at quarterback, and Sudfeld could have a shot to compete for the job.

11. Connor Cook, Raiders

I’m not sure what was more surprising, Cook being considered the best player available heading into Day 3 or the Raiders trading up to acquire a backup quarterback. Either way, I’m probably not drafting this inaccurate, low ceiling signal-caller.

12. Cody Kessler, Browns

Kessler is the potential quarterback of the future for Cleveland, but I am not impressed with his ability. I think there is a better chance of Robert Griffin being their 2018 quarterback than Kessler.

13. Kevin Hogan, Chiefs

Hogan is boring, but he probably ends up being a long-term backup. The fact that he wound up with a team that likes to start such quarterbacks gives him some value. It is possible he goes the way of Chase Daniel and parlays a couple of spot starts into a better opportunity elsewhere.

14. Jacoby Brissett, Patriots

Brissett has very few redeemable qualities in his production profile, but he is a decent athlete. Really the most interesting thing about him is that he wound up with the Patriots.

15. Brandon Doughty, Dolphins

The Dolphins have a long-term investment in Ryan Tannehill, but if Doughty can lock up the honor of holding his clipboard, he could be a viable backup option for fantasy. He has experience in a high-volume passing offense, and Miami has a lot of weapons.

16. Brandon Allen, Jaguars

Similar to Hogan but with less mobility and less opportunity. Should Blake Bortles miss any time, he will get to throw to a bevy of weapons.

17. Jake Rudock, Lions

Why was he drafted again?


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