Week 5 Rankings & Game Flowbotics

As is often the case in fantasy football, Week 4 was a hit-or-miss affair for me, especially in the rankings accuracy game at FantasyPros. I bounced back from a terrible Week 3 showing, mostly on the back of a top-5 finish in wide receiver accuracy, but that victory is tainted by my nearly last-place finish in quarterback accuracy. It’s a little baffling, but I routinely rate much better in wide receiver accuracy than quarterback accuracy, despite the fact that wideouts generate their production by the grace of the passers throwing them the ball.

This is a semi-consistent problem for me over the past few years, which would seem to indicate a flaw in my QB-ranking process. With that in mind, I’m altering my approach slightly this week and letting my wide receiver evaluations inform my passer predictions more than usual. For example, if I’m higher than consensus on Keenan Allen and Tyrell Williams, I should also be higher than consensus on Philip Rivers. It’s not an exactly science, and we’ll see how it goes, but for now, let’s kick off the process as we always do, with the Game Flowbotics spreadsheet:

Week 5 Game Flowbotics

In the past, I’d prompt you to get your scroll wheel humming full speed to find the weekly rankings below, but it’s a much shorter trip for Week 5. I’m shifting all my analysis this time around to a new series of articles I’m calling Game Flowbotics A-to-Z. Excuse me while I pat myself on the back, but last week’s installment had a solid number of good calls. Stay tuned for this week’s version on Friday. Until then, you can find my Week 5 rankings below. Feel free to hit me up on Twitter (@gregsauce) if you have any questions or find anything you’d like to share from your own analysis of the Flowbotics page. Cheers, and good luck on the upcoming slate!

Week 5 Rankings

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