The Kirk Cousins Experience

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Episode 13 - The Kirk Cousins Experience

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Hosted by Greg Smith (@gregsauce) & Joshua Lake (@LakeTwoQBs). …

Greg welcomes Josh back to the podcast to touch on Josh Gordon’s reinstatement and the strategy of handcuffing in fantasy football.  Their focus is then turned to spotlight quarterback Kirk Cousins and a discussion of how team & situation impact a quarterback’s production, and vice versa.  The episode wraps up with a large helping of Twitter questions.  Be sure to check out the articles by Sal Stefanile (@2QBFFB) on handcuffing in 2QB leagues, by Josh Berger (@BergerTwoQBs) on 2QB auction strategy, and by Ben Cummins (@BenCumminsFF) on trying to identify this season’s breakout QBs.

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Greg Smith
Greg Smith is an engineer, co-founder of, and enthusiast for the strategy and design of variance-based games. When he started playing fantasy football in 2001, his home league's small number of teams necessitated starting two quarterbacks. That necessity has since grown into obsession, making Greg one of the preeminent champions of 2QB and Superflex formats. He also writes for

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