The Gridiron Throne S8E4: Tough Fantasy Evals and “The Last of the Starks”

The Rotosauce Football Podcast

Episode 120 - The Gridiron Throne with Jeff Dumont (S8E4)

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Hosted by Greg Smith (@gregsauce).

Greg is joined by Jeff Dumont (@jeffd119) for the Gridiron Throne, a series in which your hosts will analyze fantasy football and the final season of Game of Thrones. After a brief lament for the retirement of Derek Anderson, the football discussion in this episode centers around tough situations to evaluate for the upcoming fantasy season (3:27). Next, your hosts discuss the reasonable ranges of picks for incoming quarterbacks in dynasty rookie drafts (23:39). On the Game of Thrones side (34:50), Greg and Jeff review “The Last of the Starks,” add three more rounds of picks to their next-character-to-die draft, and close out the show with more predictions and speculation for the story’s end game.


Receiver Efficiency at
Game of Thrones Prop Bets at Bovada

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Greg Smith

Greg Smith is an engineer, co-founder of, and enthusiast for the strategy and design of variance-based games.  When he started playing fantasy football in 2001, his home league's small number of teams necessitated starting two quarterbacks.  That necessity has since grown into obsession, making Greg one of the preeminent champions of 2QB and Superflex formats.

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