Kyle Lauletta: Armchair Scouting Report

What His Numbers Say

Here are Kyle Lauletta’s career numbers courtesy of the Washington Post:

I also put together his final year game log, including the rank of the opposing pass defense based on NCAA pass efficiency rankings:


Lauletta has faced two BCS conference schools in his time as the starter at Richmond. Here is how he fared in those contests:


Lauletta has put together a very accomplished career at Richmond, with a career YPA of 8.8.  In his limited experience against BCS conference schools, he performed extremely well. He also was outstanding in the Senior Bowl, passing for 198 yards and three touchdowns on just 12 attempts. At every level, and in every opportunity, Lauletta has done nothing but impress.

It is difficult to gauge Lauletta’s production against the rest of this class and historical FBS prospects because of the difference in competition. I wanted to take a look at other FCS quarterbacks who were drafted to see where he fit in. Over the last 15 years, there have been 13 FCS signal-callers taken in the NFL Draft. Here is how they produced:

PlayerSchoolDraftedPickCmpAttPctYPATD RateINT RateAYA
Carson WentzNorth Dakota State2016239261264.1%8.47.4%2.3%8.8
Joe FlaccoDelaware20081859694263.3%7.54.4%1.6%7.6
Jimmy GaroppoloEastern Illinois2014621047166862.8%7.97.1%3.1%7.9
Tarvaris JacksonAlabama State200664554103353.6%7.86.6%2.9%7.8
Ingle MartinFurman200614846475661.4%8.66.0%3.2%8.4
Rhett BomarSam Houston State2009151584103556.4%7.34.5%2.8%7.0
John SkeltonFordham2010155802136358.8%7.35.1%2.6%7.1
Josh JohnsonSan Diego2008160724106568.0%9.110.6%1.4%10.6
Andy HallDelaware200418541272756.7%6.74.8%1.9%6.8
Tyler ThigpenCoastal Carolina200721748687955.3%7.56.0%2.8%7.4
Brad SorensenSouthern Utah2013221822125465.6%7.54.9%3.3%7.0
B.J. ColemanTennessee-Chattanooga2012243583101657.4%6.85.1%3.1%6.4
Ryan FitzpatrickHarvard200525038464159.9%8.26.1%2.3%8.3

It may be difficult to draw trends from this table by looking at it as a whole, so I also broke it down by hits and misses. The players I labeled as a “hit” were Carson Wentz, Joe Flacco, Jimmy Garoppolo, and Ryan Fitzpatrick. Wentz and Garoppolo look like young stars in the making, while Flacco and Fitzpatrick each have over 100 career starts under their belts. I don’t think there should be a major objection to that list.

Split#CmpAttPctYPATD RateINT RateAYA

Despite the small sample overall, there is still some signal here. We can see that the hits are better across the board in each category, though it is by varying degrees.

When looking at how Lauletta compares, he seems to be a mixed bag. He looks like a hit based on completion percentage, YPA, and AYA, but was in the middle as a touchdown producer, and struggled a lot with interceptions. We know players who throw interceptions in college are likely to struggle with them in the NFL as well. I lean towards Lauletta ending up a hit, though he may never become a truly elite signal-caller.

Player Comparison: Kirk Cousins

PlayerCmpAttPctYPATD RateINT RateAYA
Kyle Lauletta758119463.5%8.86.1%2.9%8.7
Kirk Cousins723112864.1%8.15.9%2.7%8.1

Take this comparison with an even smaller grain of salt as you normally would. It is incredibly difficult to create comparisons across levels of college football, and there were no quality comps I liked for Lauletta at the FCS level. I like Cousins as his best overall comp, given the similar numbers across the board. Cousins is lower in the efficiency numbers, but that is to be expected given the difference in competition.

I’ve seen Lauletta projected anywhere from the second to fourth rounds, making Cousins’ draft position of pick 107 square within Lauletta’s range of outcomes. Please note this is not an indication I think Lauletta will share the immense level of NFL success Cousins has had. This is merely a prospect profile comparison.

Ideal Landing Spot: Broncos

Denver selects fifth in the draft, which puts them in range to take one of the top quarterbacks in this class if they so choose. However, their offensive line could also use a lot of work, and it would not surprise me to see them take one of the big linemen from Notre Dame in the first round, and try to find their next signal-caller later on (maybe even at the top of round two). Lauletta would walk into a situation where he could definitely win a competition against players like Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch, and be rewarded with getting to throw to top-end wide receiver talent in Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders. Denver also still has the pieces to boast a high-level defense.


With all of the signal-callers I expect to go high in 2QB rookie drafts this year, there really isn’t much more room in the first round for another quarterback. That leaves Lauletta in the second round, with exactly where depending on where he lands in the NFL Draft. In single-quarterback formats, there will be no reason to select him at all.


I am optimistic on Lauletta, but it is difficult to project him with any kind of confidence due to the level of football he played, and the small sample of players from that level to compare him to overall. His YPA and AYA paint the picture of someone who could be very successful at the next level, though it is likely he will always struggle with turnovers. I think his ceiling is as a second tier quarterback for fantasy purposes.

Anthony Amico

Anthony is a former football coach and possesses two different mathematics degrees. He uses his combined knowledge in those two fields to dominate the fantasy landscape across a variety of formats, including daily fantasy, dynasty, and 2QB. Anthony is currently a contributor for RotoViz, Fantasy Insiders, and TwoQBs, and has a pure passion for the game, both in real life and fantasy. 

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