Whether your 2QB or Superflex league plays only for this season or until the end of time, we have you covered with the 2QB rankings you need:

2016 Redraft QB Rankings

Anthony Amico, Joshua Lake, Greg Smith, and Salvatore Stefanile each rank 40-or-so quarterbacks for redraft fantasy leagues.  A composite of all those 2QB rankings is included, as well as a QB pecking order from TwoQBs readers based on a recurring series of Twitter polls. Looking to decide how to draft quarterbacks in your league? Check out our 2QB rankings for redraft leagues.

Dynasty QB Rankings

For dynasty, our composite quarterback rankings are created from individual lists by Anthony Amico, Joe Siniscalchi, and Salvatore Stefanile.  For a set of overall dynasty rankings, check out this post by Sal. In dynasty, should your rankings tilt heavily toward youth, or should you build a team of veterans? These rankings help you tackle that question.

2QB Rankings

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