Are you new to 2QB/Superflex fantasy football leagues? Do you need help with an important upcoming draft? You’re in luck! Our analysts have teamed up with Draft Day Consultants, Inc. to offer 2QB- and Superflex-specific consulting.

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Testimonial for Sal Stefanile

I contacted Draft Day Consultants, Inc. to get help for a superflex league. I’m an experienced fantasy player but I really wanted to win this league. I was setup with Sal. He contact me immediately and we prepped for the draft.

On draft day, Sal was great; we talked through each pick, he never forced a player on me that I wasn’t high on. He worked me through his thought process for each player and broke down how he thought the draft was going. It was a fantastic experience.

I would have been completely satisfied if it ended there. However, Sal on occasion checked in to see how I was doing throughout the year. Great customer service! I couldn’t be more happy with DDC and Sal in particular.

— Aaron W.


Testimonial for Greg Smith

I have been playing fantasy football for six years and I finally won a championship. Greg Smith is the reason why. He is very meticulous, passionate, and intelligent when it comes to fantasy football. He treated my team like it was his own. He was always available to talk to me and he would respond to me very quickly when I had questions. All of his pre-draft, in-draft, and in-season consultations were a huge help, but his pre-draft advice in particular helped me dominate my draft. I was set up for value and flexibility in the mid to late rounds. I wound up with a very strong, deep roster.

During the season, Greg coached me into a better player. He taught me about patience on the waiver wire. We would thoroughly talk about all options to make my team better. In Week 9, I added a player who Greg recommended and that helped carry me to the playoffs. Greg helped me make a trade. I never had made a trade in the 5 years prior. The trade helped add depth to my team for the playoffs. Whenever I look at my championship trophy, I always think of how great a coach Greg was. I will always cherish the 2015 season we had. Greg was a HUGE part of why I won! If it were not for him, I would not have my championship. Thank you Greg.

— Neil S.