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Quarterback Rankings Update and #SFB8 Giveaway

Greg Smith updates his 2018 quarterback rankings, with a draft strategy tie-in to the 2QBXP podcast and a contest to win entry into the Scott Fish Bowl.

2QB Draft Post Mortems

Greg Smith dives into process review and looks back at three different 2QB drafts from last weekend, including both auction and snake formats.

2016 2QB Rankings

Greg Smith’s redraft 2QB rankings for the 2016 fantasy football season.

2016 2QB Draft Guide Kit

2016 2QB Draft Guide: A round-up of the most relevant articles produced by TwoQBs.com this offseason to help you dominate your 2QB draft.

TwoQBs Staff 14-team Superflex Draft

Jeff Miller recaps the TwoQBs staff 14-team Superflex draft.

A TwoQBs Roundtable on 2QB Draft Strategy

The TwoQBs.com staff gathers around the roundtable to discuss 2QB draft strategies for the 2016 season and discusses quarterbacks they’re avoiding and targeting.

FREE 2016 2QB Draft Strategies eBook

TwoQBs.com presents a downloadable PDF of Salvatore Stefanile’s updated 2016 2QB draft strategy articles for 2QB fantasy football leagues.

Utilizing a Zero-QB Draft Strategy in 2016 2QB Leagues

Salvatore Stefanile takes a look at the Zero-QB/LRQB draft strategy in 2QB leagues to determine if waiting on quarterbacks is a winning move.

Going Old School QB-QB in 2016 2QB Leagues

Salvatore Stefanile takes a look at the old school 2QB draft strategy of going QB-QB and whether or not it works in 2016.

Studs & Streaming in 2016 2QB Leagues

Salvatore Stefanile provides a refresher on the Studs and Streaming approach to drafting in 2QB leagues for the 2016 season.

So You Went QB Early. Now What?

Brian Malone highlights mid-round wide receiver and running back targets if you go QB early in your 2QB draft.

Eli Manning Is Worth The Investment

Ben Cummins profiles Eli Manning to see whether another top-ten fantasy QB finish is in the works.