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Smoke ‘Em, Pass ‘Em – Week 14

Smoke ‘Em, Pass ‘Em - Week 14

This week’s Smoke ‘Em Pass ‘Em is a start-sit seance for Week 14 between Kenneth Griggs and the ghosts of fantasy football past, present, and future.

Smoke ‘Em, Pass ‘Em - Week 6

From torii in Tsuwano to marathons in Chicago, Kenneth Griggs pulls start/sit inspirado from all over in his Smoke ‘Em Pass ‘Em for Week 6. Gesundheit.

Smoke ‘Em, Pass ‘Em - Week 4

Foul-mouthed chicken farmer Kenneth Griggs returns to TwoQBs to talk birthdays, flapjacks, starts, and sits in his Smoke ‘Em Pass ‘Em for Week 4.