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2QBXP - Two-A-Days with Travis May & John Bosch

Two-A-Days continue on Episode 88 of the 2QBXP, with Travis May and John Bosch giving their takes on quarterback strategy in 2QB and Superflex dynasty.

Quarterback Rankings Update and #SFB8 Giveaway

Greg Smith updates his 2018 quarterback rankings, with a draft strategy tie-in to the 2QBXP podcast and a contest to win entry into the Scott Fish Bowl.

Long-shot Rookie Quarterbacks in Dynasty

Mike Valverde makes the cases in 2QB dynasty for three incoming rookie quarterbacks taken outside the first round of the NFL draft, Mason Rudolph, Kyle Lauletta, and Mike White.

2018 NFL Draft: Rounds 2-7 Quarterback Review

Derrik Klassen shares his thoughts on how each of the quarterbacks selected in rounds 2-7 of the 2018 NFL Draft will fit with their new teams.

2018 QB Class Statistical Profiles

Sean Slavin ranks the 2018 QB class using statistical profiles.

2QBXP - TANY/A with Sean Slavin

Episode 71 of the 2QB Experience podcast features host Greg Smith and guest Sean Slavin discussing Sean’s TANY/A metric for measuring quarterback efficiency. Later, Greg is joined by Ray Austin, co-founder and commissioner of the Fan Controlled Football Leauge, to discuss the FCFL.

Putting the 2018 QB Class into Historical Context

Sean Slavin puts the 2018 QB Class into Historical Context.

The Importance of TANY/A* for QB Prospects

Sean Slavin follows up the introduction of his QB metric TANY/A article with a new entry in the series that details why it’s important when evaluating quarterback prospects.

2018 Pre-Draft Rookie Quarterback Rankings

Anthony Amico ranks the incoming rookie QB class prior to the 2018 NFL Draft and post-NFL Combine.

2QBXP - Post-Combine with Anthony Amico

Episode 70 of the 2QB Experience podcast features host Greg Smith and guest Anthony Amico of Rotoviz & TwoQBs discussing 2QB/Superflex rookie draft ADP, rookie quarterback rankings, and other dynasty-centric topics in the wake of the 2018 NFL Combine.

Rookie and Free Agent Quarterback Superheros

Bobby Koch builds on his comparison of Blake Bortles to Batman by listing quarterback superheroes for the incoming rookie class and free agent signal-callers.

Mason Rudolph: Armchair Scouting Report

Anthony Amico breaks down the outlook of Oklahoma State quarterback prospect Mason Rudolph.